Good News! We are excited to announce that all JCP&L Residential Energy Efficiency programs will be continuing through 12/31/2024! Act now to save money and live more comfortably in your home today!

See If You Qualify for Energy Efficiency Rebates

JCP&L’s Multifamily Program offers energy efficiency services to existing properties ranging from residential-type dwellings with three or more units to large garden apartment complexes to multi-story high-rise buildings.

Increasing energy efficiency in multifamily properties can reduce energy bills and maintenance needs, increase comfort and satisfaction among the building’s residents, and improve building marketability. This program is coordinated directly with the property management, our team of Energy Advisors, and your tenants to provide all occupants an opportunity to make an energy impact.

Program services include:

Multifamily Direct Install

  • A no-cost energy assessment or audit of your entire multifamily property identifying opportunities.
  • No cost installation of standard energy savings measures for immediate energy saving, including ENERGY STAR® certified products and LEDs, showerheads, pipe insulation, and more

Multifamily Home Performance with ENERGY STAR®

  • A custom report with recommendations to boost comfort and save energy.
  • If recommended, you may receive upgrades to heating and cooling equipment in addition to health and safety upgrades.  
  • Cash incentives for completing building retrofit projects targeting deeper energy savings

We know that energy-saving projects can drive down your energy and maintenance costs while increasing the comfort and satisfaction of your residents.

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