Efficient Lighting

Residential customers of JCP&L can now take advantage of instant discounts on the purchase of select ENERGY STAR® certified lighting products.

Select stores throughout the JCP&L service territory are now offering instant discounts on ENERGY STAR certified lighting products to help you save energy and money in your home. There is no paperwork required in order to receive the discount which is applied at the point of purchase.  

An ENERGY STAR Certified LED Bulb:

  • Produces light approximately 90% more efficiently than incandescent light bulbs.
  • Has a long lifespan of 50,000 hours or more, which surpasses both the incandescent bulb and the CFL by thousands of hours.
  • Is durable, so it performs well outdoors and in cold temperatures.
  • They even come in dimmable models to create the right ambiance.

Efficiency in a light bulb is measured by the number of lumens per watt it provides. The number of lumens shows how bright a bulb is and the watts identify how much energy it uses.

This chart below compares wattage for incandescent bulbs and the equivalent lumens (light output) to the wattage used by ENERGY STAR qualified CFLs and LEDs.

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Light Output Lumens

Incandescent Watts

CFL Watts

LED Watts



8 - 12

6 - 9



13 - 18

8 - 12.5



18 - 22

13 - 15



23 - 30

16 - 20



30 - 55

25 - 28

Take advantage of these and other energy-saving rebates from JCP&L!